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Premer Kahini (2008)

Premer Kahini (2008)
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Cinema -Premer Kahini (2008)
Direction: Ravi Kinagi
Casts: Deb, Koyel, Ranjit Mullick,
Music Direction: Jit Ganguly

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Aaj Swopno Sukher (2162.3 kb)
Eso Na (2032.7 kb)
Premer kahini (FEMALE)(2518.1 kb)
Premer kahini (MALE)(2577.2 kb)
Sanai Baje(2245.9 kb)
Sangsar sukhi hoy (2362.2 kb)
Tumi chara(1814.9 kb)

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Ravi Kinagi. You may not know the name. Specially if you are one of those people who have lost their hope in Bengali Films. Ravi Kinagi also does not have a profile on Internet Movie Database (IMDB). However, he is one of the most prominent director in Bengali Cinema these days who can bring people to the movie halls. He does not do films that we call “intellectual” however he makes commertial films and the does a very good job. His stories are most of the time a mixture of nultiple Hindi films but blended extremely nicely in Bengali perspective. His latest film “Premer Kahini” is another very successful film by him. It did so well in Calcutta that most of the cinema halls were house-ful for several weeks.

Short Review:
Akash (Deb) and Barsha (Koyel Mullick) met just by mere accident. Deb fell in love with Koyel Mullick instantly. However he lost contact with Koyel and could not track her address by any means. He was visiting a marriage ceremony of the doughter of his mom’s friend and to his surprize, he found the bride was Koyel Mullick herself. Now I am sure you can image the scene in “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” and so on. After that there are some good emotional drama followed by a happy ending.

Jishu Sengupta was seen for a short period and came to sacrifice Koyel to Deb. Ranjit Mullick is simply excellent as he is in any other Bengali movies. Jit Ganguly did a nice job with music direction too. The film has very good cinematography and it should be a very enjoyable film for your family to watch together.

This film also means a lot for Deb. There is only only ONE actor who has firmed his place as “hero” in Tollywood after Prosenjit. That is Jeet. Recently there are some more bengali heroes coming up in Tollywood. Deb is now a common face to all due to the huge success of “Premer Kahini”. He is now even getting offers to do item songs in other movies too (a trend from Bollywood)!

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